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Pat Hernandez
3834 Little Acres Lane
Champaign, IL 61820
(217) 918-1592

Logistics Management
Facility Maintenance Organizational Management Inventory & Transport Management
Areas Of Management Expertise
Civilian Contractors Facility Maintenance
Procurement and Supply Inventory Accountability
Contract Negotiations Resource Allocation
Deadlines and Scheduling
Professional Experience

Logistics Management
Coordinate all aspects of logistical support for such items as munitions, transportation vehicles of all kinds, food service items, medical and dental support, facility maintenance, personnel housing, and inventory control.
Negotiate with outside contractors to provide maintenance and occasional bus transport.
Responsible for allocating resources to meet the needs of all transportation requests. Accountable for providing all requested material and transport equipment when needed.
Coordinate the successful implementation of transportation requests in relation to vehicles and equipment, food and water, munitions, medical and dental issues, and availability of inventory.
Manage a section of 127 military and 12 civilian personnel on a daily basis. Coordinate the team to complete all requests accurately and on time.
Oversee inventory personnel each month to assure accurate accountability of munitions and equipment.
Responsible for contacting procurement personnel to obtain all items on transportation requests not currently in inventory. Assure the arrival of such materials to meet deadlines.
Identify and medically qualify all food service personnel prior to deployment.
Work closely with other logistical sections to coordinate efforts and meet existing and future material needs.
Coordinate the dental and medical care of personnel with contracted outside service providers. Assure that all personnel are current in meeting appointments and track progress on light and limited duty personnel.
Oversee outside contractor maintenance work on grounds and buildings.
Work History
United States Marine Corps
1980 - 2003

Military Training

Marine Corps Occupational Safety and Health Programs (OSH).
Hazardous Materials and Waste Management.
Operational Risk Management.
Mishap Investigation and Prevention
Ground Safety for Marines.

Bachelor of Science, Pastoral Administration
Graduating in June of 2004
Computer Skills
Proficient with Microsoft Word, Windows 98/2000, use of the Internet and email.

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